Flowchart To My Misery

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My Soul, Free as Wind


Year 2005: Love at First Sight.


7th June 2009: Revealed My Love To Her


21st June 2009: Formally Proposed To Her


31st July 2009: She said “Yes”.


18th October 2009: Two Families Meet With Marriage Proposal. My family was not involved though.


13th November 2009: She got engaged. Not to me, ofcourse!!!!!


13th January 2010: Said Final Goodbye To Her. Tears were shed on both sides.


13th February 2010: Met Her One Final Time, Just A Coincidence


18th February 2010: She Got Married!!!!


2010-2012: Time spent in Misery


2013: Back to Square One-Free Again!

Well, this about sums it up. There were many ups and downs too, but i don’t need to bother you with all that stuff. I’m sure some of you may have had such experiences, i pray otherwise, but i’m sure,like me, you must have learned a thing or two. I never thought this would happen to me, such a movie cliche you see, but it did happen nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong, i am not criticizing this experience in any way. I am sad that my love life had to take such a course, but i thank God and Her for all the lover anyways.

P.S: I just had to get this out of my system and finally, i did. For those of you who read this post so far, thanks! And Don’t forget to share your Misery too because its like something that diminishes once we start sharing it.


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  1. I think we all go through ups and downs with life, and the worst points are always the ones with romance. It is hard, but being alone is not a bad thing. It is a time where we can find true happiness and figure ourselves out. Just keep pushing along and eventually everything will fall into place. Best of luck with everything :)


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