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Love Conundrum


No matter how practical you seem to be, no matter how objectively you think, when it comes to the matter of heart you always tend to flow with the emotions and forget about all the technicalities which were once holding you & acting as a shield against the cruel yet thriving world. Now the question arises, Is this the right thing to do? It’s not like we’ve an option here, but it’s worth pondering over this question.

I’ve myself been part of such a conundrum, realizing it beforehand that it would make me think irrationally at times, yet I fail to figure out the reasoning behind it. Perhaps, it’s the enduring feeling of love, getting to know someone closely and sharing part of your being, your soul with him/her, or maybe the feeling/fear of losing someone which makes us act erratically. Emotion after all is the most powerful factor which guides us in our decisions.

Moving on from the argument of this phase being right or wrong, we have to realize whether it’s worth the while. I believe that if it helps you pass your day on even a slightly better & positive note, it’s absolutely worth it. For me, sight of her smiling, voice of her laughter, watching her feel joyous while at work, makes my day. We don’t know whether there’s a life after death, why don’t we find our heaven here itself then? Personally, it’s fine to me if she’s not with me for this life time, although it pains me to even think that, all that matters is for her to be happy which in-turn will make me feel blissful. It might seem selfless act of love at first, but there are only few deeds that are more selfish than this because this moreover soothes your soul and it is you who gets a purpose out of it; purpose being his or her happiness and prosperity.





Behold the beauty of nature’s creation,
Every bit every particle is whole,
Purity is its soul,
Truth is its story untold,

Heart melts at the sight of it,
Soul blends in with its melancholy,
Helpless spirit does nothing but wander,
In search of such a beauty to own,

Uniqueness is its bitter truth,
Randomness is its only goal,
Trying to get hold of this rare a beauty,
Leaves me stranded all alone, all alone


Real Life

It’s been 4 years since i graduated,

4 years of hardship and struggle,

Struggle not in finding a job,

It’s the decisions I’ve taken and things that I’ve done


Struggle in the field of “Life”,

Hardship in the field of “Love”,

Struggle in the field of “Success”,

Now, Failure is all that i have


Life never seemed so different,

Hope never seemed so far fetched,

Love never felt so distant,

It seems like the only truth now.

I’ve taken a decision to change,

But I’ve done so couple of times,

Lost is my faith in myself,

Faith to defy everything & follow my heart


I hope no one suffers like me,

If you do i’ll pray for you too,

But trust me when i say it,

There’s always hope and i’ll keep trying until i’m done


Tell me if you feel like this too,

Keeping it to yourself won’t help you,

There’s always someone willing to listen,

Like right now listening to me is you


Lost Cause

Today i realized it’s too late,

To change what i’ve become,

Time just passed so fast,

I didn’t notice that i succumbed

Someone told me life’s like that,

There isn’t any moment to pause,

But this fact didn’t help me,

Because I’ve become a lost cause

But then i met someone close to my heart,

She made me realize how cheerful i once was,

She reconciled me with my hopeful past,

My sister really did know me up close

Now there’s a dim light shinning ahead,

I can see it even if i’m far away,

Now I guess a new journey has begun,

One i thought couldn’t exist any way

Life is just like that,

One moment you are cheerful,

Another you are not,

But one thing never changes,

Spirit to rise again and begin from the start.


Signal Fire

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Signal Fire By Snow Patrol

This song/video bring many nostalgic memories back and they feel so fresh as if it just happened yesterday.

In many ways, its more of a poetic expression then just song. Think About it.


Flowchart To My Misery

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My Soul, Free as Wind


Year 2005: Love at First Sight.


7th June 2009: Revealed My Love To Her


21st June 2009: Formally Proposed To Her


31st July 2009: She said “Yes”.


18th October 2009: Two Families Meet With Marriage Proposal. My family was not involved though.


13th November 2009: She got engaged. Not to me, ofcourse!!!!!


13th January 2010: Said Final Goodbye To Her. Tears were shed on both sides.


13th February 2010: Met Her One Final Time, Just A Coincidence


18th February 2010: She Got Married!!!!


2010-2012: Time spent in Misery


2013: Back to Square One-Free Again!

Well, this about sums it up. There were many ups and downs too, but i don’t need to bother you with all that stuff. I’m sure some of you may have had such experiences, i pray otherwise, but i’m sure,like me, you must have learned a thing or two. I never thought this would happen to me, such a movie cliche you see, but it did happen nonetheless. Don’t get me wrong, i am not criticizing this experience in any way. I am sad that my love life had to take such a course, but i thank God and her for all the love anyways.

P.S: I just had to get this out of my system and finally, i did. For those of you who read this post so far, thanks! And Don’t forget to share your Misery too because its like something that diminishes once we start sharing it.


Life As We Show It

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Life isn’t just a struggle,

Its also a mystery,

The way its sometimes unfolds,

Gives rise to a Great History

Page by Page it turns,

A new chapter is always unveiled,

Whats gonna be its ending,

Nobody, but you can reveal

As We Can’t light a bulb if its fused,

We Can’t use our mind if its bemused,

We Can’t consume something if not produced,

And We Can’t live happily if we are confused

Giving a purpose to life,

Should be one’s ultimate aim,

Rest of the world can wait,

Because your universe is what you create

Life is not mere existence,

Life is not just how we know it,

Life happens when we feel it,

Its also “Life As We Show It”



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