What Is Love?

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What is love? Well, it isn’t exactly what it’s shown as in the video above but its not that different too. Love is Crazy, Stupid and much more. There is a movie which explains it, Crazy.Stupid.Love, and believe me when i write it, it’s a must watch for everyone.

If you’ve watched this movie atleast once, then you will exactly/almost know what love is all about. And the love i am talking about is not the love which you have for you parents or sibling or nature etc, instead it’s the “LOVE” love that i want you to direct your attention towards. The “Love” that makes you do stupid things.

And i totally agree with the statement above. Love made me:

1. Wait n wait n wait n wait n wait………………………..well it was a long wait many times

2. Save money so that i can buy gifts n stuff for her but now, i am back to the non-saver mode

3. Travel to far away places so that i can be with her when she travels back to her home and then come back all alone(8 to 10 hours)

4. Talk/Chat with her on mobile phone from 10 PM to 6 AM non-stop

5. Listen to her history n then her family history n their family history(This is a really difficult part BTW)

6. Unwillingly listen to romantic songs and watch romantic movies, which was another hard part.

But, needless to say, it made me feel happy and content. We are no longer together as unfortunately we had to part away due to one reason or another. Although it was a short stint, i had hell of an experience and i will carry it along everywhere i go.

For those of you who are still in this “Love” love cycle of life, i will say “Great Going Friends” and those of you who are new to it, i will say “Best Of Wishes”.

Finally, those of you who are out of it or are scared of it, i will say “IT’S TIME TO SETTLE DOWN!”

Please feel free to share your experience,if any, about craziness of your “Love” life.

Happy Blogging!


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