If I Had Super Powers


With great power comes great responsibility!!! Rings a bell? Of course it will. After all at one time or another in our life we all had some superhero icon whom we followed through cartoons & comics etc and our friendly neighbour ” Spider Man” cannot be forgotten. Then there is Superman, Batman, Ironman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Wonderwoman…..and the list goes on & on. Some of course were god gifted like Thor; some became what they were due to the circumstances they were put through like Batman; some got help from their alien cousins like Superman & Green Lantern and some were just made out of technological experiment like Wolverine,Captain America & Hulk. And yes, some like Iron Man were just crazy enough to do it just for fun( i mean after saving himself once before). But all in all they all had only one agenda in common and that is saving the mankind from their archenemy.

I’ve always dreamed during my school days that how amazing a life they would be leading and what would it be like being one our self. I know some of us had different dreams like becoming Prime Minister, Pilot or Doctor & stuff but secretly we all were deeply inspired by one super hero or another, not just because they had super cool powers or gadgets but because it helped us thinking that the righteousness always prevailed and unlike our school days, where we were bullied by some kids, the villain/bully no matter how powerful loses the final battle.

I think every now and then that what would we do if we were bitten by a genetically transformed spider or teleported to Mars like John Carter where we could be Superman of Mars or given enough wisdom and wealth to build our self an Iron Man Suit/ a Bat Mobile? Just think about it. At first i thought we will do exactly what the superheros did i.e fall, break some bones and get injured trying to get accustomed to our new job and then once our archenemy is ready to beat the hell out of the innocent people, realize our true potential and strike hard. Of course it has some perks like a sexy girlfriend whom you can’t show the other side i.e human side of you and the enormous fan following taking$ Hulk as one of the exceptional case. But the question is, are we really in for that? I know the latter part seems to be equally rewarding but can we assure our self that we will work for the common cause without any retaliation? Get up again n again after being continuously beaten up by the Villain and moreover, can we stop our self from the feeling of pure hatred and revenge towards the enemy? and in the end no matter how bad they have been on you, leave them to the law knowingly/unknowingly that they will return for sure. Well, i don’t think so!!

We as mortal being are prone to various mental and physical provocation but many times as we know we are weak, we fail to fight back out of fear. Then we wish someone was there to help us out of this trouble and then we go on fantasizing about these Superheros and we are lost in the world of fantasy. I think it is better that these Super Powers don’t exist in any of us as i know it for a fact that it will be more often misused than used for a good cause and similarly in fiction like our Superhero fantasy every Superhero has many many villain because with great power not only there is great responsibility but greater urge towards the thing we couldn’t get otherwise and now is within hand’s reach. And also, some people just live with pure hatred towards the society and they just want to see the world burn( i’ve heard this line in some movie but i can’t remember) and giving a super power to them means ultimate mayhem.

I think we are better left as humans and given a chance fight our own battle. In this way we won’t just wait for a miracle man/woman to come and save us from tyranny of  people like Saddam Hussain or Osama Bin Ladin(already gone i know) and help us be responsible for all the good and bad we bring upon our self. Hope you all agree with me in one way or another. I am happy to be a human and live life as it comes. After all, everything is Super about just being HUMAN!

P.S: Sorry to any Superhero fan if i provided any false credential about any of their ICONS. 😛


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