Our Little Journey Of Love

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The day i first saw you,

It was love at first sight,

My heart just fluttered,

Like it was a bird’s first flight.

I knew you were with someone,

Of whom i didn’t approve,

But when i saw you were happy,

I was happy for you too.

The days turned to months,

And months turned to years,

But i couldn’t express my love to you,

Out of hopelessness & fear.

But one day your world went upside down,

That day i still remember,

Watching you crying somewhere,

My soul did nothing but tremble.

I could take it no more,

How could the world be so cruel,

Fire of my love became stronger,

Because the world just gave it more fuel.

At last i gathered some courage,

To speak out my love to you,

I woke up one whole night,

Just to prepare the words i’d say to you.

Next day i waited for you,

Fighting my urge to flee,

But the moment i saw to coming,

My captured soul was freed.

I slowly spoke to you,

Slipping some word here or there,

Just then i saw in your eyes,

Some beautiful memories it bears.

I decided right then,

I would make you my life,

If the all mighty so wished,

Someday i’ll make you my wife.

Again the days turned to weeks,

Weeks turned to months,

And the dreadful day came,

Our love just crumbled in all fronts.

We couldn’t stand the test,

The test of our fate,

Our love had to fall and drown,

In the world of misery & hate.

Now all those days are behind,

They are replaced by many years,

You disappeared into the dark shadows,

And i am left alone here.

I wont blame you ever,

I wont blame anyone else,

Because it was me who was weak,

Atleast that’s how i felt.

Now again you are with someone else,

It doesn’t matter if i approve,

But when i hear that you are happy,

My restless soul feel happy too.

I wish you all the luck,

And i wish you Happy Birthday too,

May God Bless you and you family,

May all the world’s happiness be with you.



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