Why is it that we are always in pain, is it something that we like or something that we deserve? No matter what we think; no matter what we say, we derive certain pleasure from being in this state of feeling pained. It makes us aware of our presence and I guess that’s what makes us realise the importance of little yet frequent moments of  Happiness. I’ve somehow come to the conclusion that people like being part of this act of Masochism; deriving pleasure from our own pain.

Do we need a reason to feel pain? Well, not really. We are capable of feeling it just by triggering our senses. Pain can be derived physically, mentally or emotionally. People moreover prefer the last one, this being the easiest one to realise I guess.

What’s the purpose of all this agony? I can’t tell, even when I sometimes like to think that I’m hurt and pained by someone or something. But I don’t think that it’s particularly bad. Its actually useful, but only if this pain is borne and felt in solitude, where only you can contemplate on its cause & effect and how it helps us. Comprehending the reason of our being and confiding in our self when in need…



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  1. Pain, or suffering, is the constant reminder that there is something for us to fight against. The whole purpose of humanity is to keep pushing down boundaries. It’s boundaries that limit us, whether physical or emotional, a lack of food or a lack of love. Pain comes when a boundary limits us too much, and it can be a thrill, or a motivator, or a shot of life, because you know you have a boundary to knock down, and knowing this, you realize there’s still purpose to your life.


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