Two words for you…

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Every day I wake up,

Every time I go to sleep,

These two words are on my minds,

But they never escape my lips.


You’ve embraced my life with your presence,

I don’t think I can ask for more;

All that you’ve done for me is enough,

Enough to justify my existence all along


You might think I’m crazy,

All these words may seem untrue,

I just can’t emphasis enough,

How lucky I feel because of you


I won’t keep the words to me now,

My heart makes me think of it every time & every day,

I’ll let them out for you to know that,

 “Thank You” is all that my heart wants to say…


A beauty I know…

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I saw you smile today,
It was very beautiful,
Although its heart wrenching,
Its a feeling I want to go through

I still cherish the moment I saw you,
Saw you standing amidst a crowd,
Sight of the crowd didn’t confuse me,
Because you were the one who stood out

Your beauty is at par, believe me,
Beyond compare as far as my mind goes,
But it wasn’t just your beauty that bound me,
It’s the way you make me feel when you are around

May you always be like this,
Ever beautiful and ever lovely,
Shining your aura and light on us,
Filling our life with bliss thus…


You:My Life, My Soul…


You are beautiful,
You are divine,
I know that I love you,
I know that you are mine

This must be a dream,
As this experience is so sublime,
I don’t mind living this dream,
As it makes me feel alive

Loving you is a privilege,
Pleasure beyond compare,
Joy to my troubled soul,
Fuel to my eternal flare

My heart is at peace now,
Your presence made it so,
You are the Sunshine of my life,
And i’ll just let it glow…let it glow.


The Girl in red and blue

She is looking beautiful today,

Beautiful she always has been,

An angel making my heart flutter,

Appearing in a red Kurta and a blue jeans

Behold her dark brown eyes,

Portrayal of an innocent soul;

Sketch of a joyful mind,

That’s all i can imagine, all i ever yearn for

She smiled at me often,

Made me make her smile even more,

Vibrance that she gives away,

Makes me feel blissful like never before…


I Am Sorry…

I know I look unhappy,
I know I seem lost,
Life sometimes does that to me,
Makes me feel sad and lone

But this time its different,
Different in the way I feel,
Feel about my life in general,
Existence which was unfair and bleak

Now I have you beside me,
Someone on whom I rely,
Happiness is what you bring to me,
Bliss of its own true kind

So, if I made you feel bad,
Behaving the way I did,
I would like to convey something,
Convey that I am sorry from within…


Trying to Write a Poem…

I am thinking of writing a poem,
I’m out of words and out of topic,
I wish something comes to me fast,
Some beautiful entity or weird logic

So here I am writing a poem,
Poem on not being able to write a poem,
Its sort of an ironical situation,
Or maybe just my desperation

I feel like Sherlock Holmes now,
Not that I’m a consulting detective,
This empty mind craves for mystery,
Or it feels like its somewhat defective

I guess writers feel it too,
This feeling of desperation,
Not being able to conjure their imagination,
Defeating their only true aspiration

I am listening to some songs,
Trying to awaken my emotional faculties,
This will help me start contemplating,
And write about some personal intricacies…



They say laughter is contagious,
I believe tears are more so,
Seeing someone cry,
Brings out emotion uncalled for

I guess this ties us together,
By a bond way stronger,
Bond not visible physically,
That which lasts way longer

Unique entity these emotions are,
Expresses like words unsaid,
No one can teach us how to show it,
Life’s the only lesson we ever had

Let this emotion bind us together then,
Together such that we understand,
Understand that you & I are one,
Oneness on which Humanity stands


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