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Corbett National Park: Nature at its best

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Too High Spirited To Lose

We humans are “Too High Spirited to Lose” was what came into my mind when i was watching the latest sci-fi flick “Battleship”. The humans or more precisely the US navy fleet of three destroyer ships were not only out gunned but also they were technologically far far outdated as compared to the battleships of the aliens known as residents of “Planet-G”. The three navy ships  could not gather any support from outside because they were trapped inside this magnetic field or something and within the first few minutes of the encounter with the aliens, two navy ships were reduced to mere scrap pieces of metal. But still the one ship which was left or moreover the people who were left on this ship kept trying and were able to not only defend themselves but eventually strike back causing fatal blows to the alien battleships. When they lost their last ship too, they went to a island within this magnetic field and got this ship started which was actually an old ship turned into a museum or something. The current navy staff didn’t know how to operate this ship as it was like “world war” old ship and guess who came to their rescue? None other than US navy veterans who actually worked on the ship or this museum maintaining it or something. And then it was like old dog doing new tricks. The veterans and the other navy team kicked the aliens out with awesome group effort. Then all was fine and back to normal as we see in every other movie.

I am not writing a  review on the movie BTW. The movie was good no doubt but i was once again really inspired by the reality of our daily life shown so clearly in a fiction movie. We all are carrying a non-extinguishable spirit within us which no matter what wont go off.  It may waver a bit during the strong winds like natural calamities or terrorist attacks or some personal loss. But then it is driven by such a incalculable desire to fight back that we get back up with even greater will to survive. Nations fall from time to time due to many political or economic reasons but we the citizens of these nations get back to our normal life without even questioning anybody. It’s our life which has been our greatest teacher and truest case studies. We learn from others and our self. Decoding our life itself is toughest of the tasks but we do it effortlessly and patiently.

I am glad that i am witness to such a marvelous species and be one of them as well.  And as far as life is concern i guess you would agree ” we are high spirited for life”.


Sunshine Blog Award

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My First Award Nomination on WordPress, The Sunshine Blog Award, was presented to me by Safaa Tasneem through her blog thedaintydamsel. I am really happy to announce that her poems were recently featured on MorningErection and i would like to congratulate her on crossing another milestone. She is an awesome poet BTW. Those of you who haven’t read her brilliant poems yet, please do! Moving ahead to the rules now!

Rules to Accept the Award:

1) Include the award logo in a post or somewhere on your blog…….done!

2) Answer 10 questions about yourself…..done!

3) Nominate 5 other fabulous bloggers…..done!

4) Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award…..done

5) Share the love and link the person who nominated you…..done

Answer 10 Questions about myself:

1. My Favourite Music Bands are Maroon 5Linkin Park.

2. My Favourite Pet is Labrador Retriever.

3. My Favourite Actors are Robert Downey Jr. and Aamir Khan.

4. My Favourite Sportsperson is Michael Schumacher.

5. My Favourite Novelists are Frederick Forsyth & John Grisham.

6. My Favourite Poet is William Blake.

7. My Favourite Tv Show is Man Vs Wild presented by Bear Grylls.

8. My Hobbies include collecting Novels and Cooking.

9. My Favourite Musical Instruments are Grand Piano and Acoustic Guitar.

10. Last but not the least, My Favourite Pass Time is Hanging Out with Friends and Travelling.

Now don’t tell me that it was list of my Favourites rather than some questions answered about myself. I took a lot of brain storming to even come up with this.


Now as far far as nominations are concerned, i don’t have many followers yet and i follow very few people as i am new to WordPress but still i think the following people deserve it nonetheless.

1. Khaula Mazhar

2. Pat Cegan

3. Ineffable Mr.Jones

4. Lindsay Thomas

5. Author Mercedes

Happy Blogging Fellas!

Good Luck!

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