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The name that was…

Why is it that the name we used to adore and love so much somehow turns into a sound of utter aversion. The name that we used to hear, which once made us feel like there were little metal butterfly flying around in our stomach, later turns into a nauseating emotion. 

    It never happens the other way around. Some say if the love you once had reciprocates itself in such a manner, then it was not love after all. But, is that true?


    Solitude is not at all about attitude,

    Its about reaching high altitudes,

    Not only flying sky high,

    But also how deep you dive,

    It’s all about how unaware you’ve slept,

    And without light how in darkness you’ve crept.


    Incredible Life

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    Lets go and learn to fly,

    Maybe one day we will touch the sky,

    Enough with the sadness and enough with the cries;

    Don’t lose hope,Lets embark on a journey of endless tries;

    What did you get for crying out loud,

    About the miseries of your life and what its about,

    Telling everyone that you are out of bounds,

    Playing with yourself the game of lost and found;

    Come with me and bring your dreams;

    We’ll glide among the waves like a knife in cream;

    Trust me as a friend and follow my steps;

    As I’ve been there where you were left;

    Leave your worries all behind;

    And Lets re-engage on the journey called “Incredible Life”


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