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The name that was…

Why is it that the name we used to adore and love so much somehow turns into a sound of utter aversion. The name that we used to hear, which once made us feel like there were little metal butterfly flying around in our stomach, later turns into a nauseating emotion. 

    It never happens the other way around. Some say if the love you once had reciprocates itself in such a manner, then it was not love after all. But, is that true?


    Aapke Intezaar Mein

    Aaj kuch yu laga ke shaam tham si gayi hai,

    Yu toh kuch chandd lamhe hi beete hai,

    Par laga jaise puri raat guzar gayi apki intezaar mein.

    Hum waqif hai waqt ki paribhasha se,

    Par aapki ek choti si jhalak bhi samay ke pare hai,

    Ye toh hum hi jaan sakte hai apke hone ya na hone ka ehsaas,

    Kyuki tabhi Dil is uss chubhan ko hum samajh sakte hai.

    Na isme aapka koi kasoor hai,

    Aur na hi hume apse koi naraazgi,

    Dil mein kuch baate chuppi thi,

    Bas derr thi unhe pesh karne ke kuch alfaaz ki.


    Safely Remove: A Relationship

    Safely Remove an USB drive? Sure, that’s what people usually recommend. But do we really do that? We just pull the USB drive out and hope that it really doesn’t matter. But then, we end up with a crashed USB drive at some point. Don’t we?

    That’s what sometimes happens to a relationship. You think that you are in love with someone, but then it doesn’t seem to work out somewhere down the line. And then you think, maybe I should just safely remove it from our life and everything will be alright. Well, I thought the same. But then we just end up pulling the plug and eventually with a faulty life…a corrupt soul, if I may. 

    A different perspective, perhaps, linking an USB drive to life, but a striking analogy. Don’t you think?

    Sure, you can try to restore the disk/soul. But it takes too much time and you eventually figure out its not worth it. You just learn to live with the loss.

    What do you think? Come on, be a sport for once. Share you experience, your point of view.

    Lone Ship

    Lone Ship


    The Lone Ship is washed ashore,
    Without a destination without a home,
    It sailed in the deep blue for days,
    Sailed in solidarity of its own
    A purpose was it all looked for,
    A reason to be and a reason to feel the breeze,
    Despair was its eternal lot,
    Disappointment of not bring free
    The sun has risen again,
    It’s time for the ship to rise again too,
    Rise from the its ashes,
    Just like the phoenixes do
    Sailing is the ship’s way,
    And sail it may,
    Its journey may bless it with worthy sailors,
    Until then it must sway, it must sway…


    Darkness In A Different “Light”

    Posted on


    I’ve been in the light for far too long,

    People here are different within & without,

    Human face is what acts as their disguise,

    Disguise for hiding what’s lurking deep inside


    They don’t expect anything from me,

    I’ve stopped expecting from them as well,

    It’s time to slide back to darkness,

    And become an observer of the world’s demise


    Darkness may seem as a rude entity,

    But it’s actually our dearest ally,

     It bestows upon us the rarest gift,

    Gift of solitude which we persistently deny


    Darkness of the night, darkness of the eyes,

    Reveals a different truth everytime,

    Day too enlightens us all the while,

    But it’s time to see the Darkness in a different “Light”


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