Then and Now

Year is coming to an end,
A new one is just around the corner,
Although this year has been divine,
I still stand where I stood last time
I wish that she comes out of her misery,
Still wondering when she would be happy,
Unable to help her all this while,
I still stand awaiting for her liberation
She was in my heart then,
She was besides me later on,
She is still in my heart though,
But no longer walking besides now
The time spent with her was precious,
The moments shared unforgettable,
This won’t ever be etched as a regret,
Because I was blessed with her everlasting presence
Beginning the next year would be difficult,
Happiness won’t be part of the celebration,
Solitude will be my only company this time,
Because a new journey without you isn’t worth the while.

– Self

Without You

Sometimes love demands a trial,
Waiting forever in denial,
It may seem that the wait is worth the while,
But in reality it’s moments lost before unifying
Why can’t all this be simple,
Like the aim of this whole exercise,
Efforts to make the other happy,
Wish to see the other touch the sky
The wait is making my heart bleed,
This wrenching heart just aspires,
It dreams of getting what it needs,
To be in arms of the one it desires
To be or not to be has lost its meaning,
With whom or without whom is the question I enquire,
A world without you would be incomplete,
I still hope that you’ll become my liberating fire.


Love Her All Along

It was 8 in the evening,
I was waiting to have some food,
Hungry I was since the afternoon,
I was answering to my hunger call
I was moving towards the mess,
Walking one step at a time,
But then I stopped on my way,
To behold the beauty that was walking by
There she was walking towards the mess,
Clad in a black T-shirt and cream shorts,
My heart stopped for that very moment,
The moment when she moved along
Her presence was a sign of relief,
Relief for which I was waiting for,
The beauty that she bestowed was unreal,
More than I ever deserved for
She isn’t past her miseries I know,
She might not be ready for now,
But I just want her to know,
That I loved her all along
I still hold her deep within my heart,
She reigned my feelings all along,
I still want her to waste her life with me,
I feel that she won’t regret it at all
Even if she decides not to be with me,
Even if she thinks she doesn’t deserve me,
I want her to know one thing after all,
That I would love her all along


Lone Ship

Lone Ship


The Lone Ship is washed ashore,
Without a destination without a home,
It sailed in the deep blue for days,
Sailed in solidarity of its own
A purpose was it all looked for,
A reason to be and a reason to feel the breeze,
Despair was its eternal lot,
Disappointment of not bring free
The sun has risen again,
It’s time for the ship to rise again too,
Rise from the its ashes,
Just like the phoenixes do
Sailing is the ship’s way,
And sail it may,
Its journey may bless it with worthy sailors,
Until then it must sway, it must sway…


Wish You Were By My Side Everywhere…

I visit places here and there,
Without a plan and reasons unaware,
But a same feeling prevails wherever I stay,
Wish you were by my side everywhere
I have visited new avenues,
Seen things beyond compare,
Everything I observe reminds me again,
Wish you were by my side everywhere
Does Love exist or does not exist,
A question that the world still debates,
But a feeling that prevails for me all the time,
Wish you were by my side everywhere
I wish to share my life with you,
And i will do so when you say,
Even if that time never comes,
I will still wish you were by my side everywhere.


I saw her once again…

I saw her once again…


I saw her yesterday in my dream, 
She may be away from me,
She may not be with me ever,
But she visited me in the dream realm
She kissed me gently on my lips,
There was this beautiful smile on her face,
Her face was glowing like always,
She seemed much happier than earlier
I saw hope in her eyes,
Hope that we have a future together,
She seemed content with life,
That’s what I dreamed for her always
The experience was too surreal,
That’s when I realised that it was a dream,
I fought the feeling of dropping out,
But the current was too strong for me
Perhaps it was just a dream,
Too real to be true one may feel,
But for me it was a life line,
The one I hope for every time fall asleep. 
– Self

Darkness In A Different “Light”

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I’ve been in the light for far too long,

People here are different within & without,

Human face is what acts as their disguise,

Disguise for hiding what’s lurking deep inside


They don’t expect anything from me,

I’ve stopped expecting from them as well,

It’s time to slide back to darkness,

And become an observer of the world’s demise


Darkness may seem as a rude entity,

But it’s actually our dearest ally,

 It bestows upon us the rarest gift,

Gift of solitude which we persistently deny


Darkness of the night, darkness of the eyes,

Reveals a different truth everytime,

Day too enlightens us all the while,

But it’s time to see the Darkness in a different “Light”


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