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Too High Spirited To Lose

We humans are “Too High Spirited to Lose” was what came into my mind when i was watching the latest sci-fi flick “Battleship”. The humans or more precisely the US navy fleet of three destroyer ships were not only out gunned but also they were technologically far far outdated as compared to the battleships of the aliens known as residents of “Planet-G”. The three navy ships  could not gather any support from outside because they were trapped inside this magnetic field or something and within the first few minutes of the encounter with the aliens, two navy ships were reduced to mere scrap pieces of metal. But still the one ship which was left or moreover the people who were left on this ship kept trying and were able to not only defend themselves but eventually strike back causing fatal blows to the alien battleships. When they lost their last ship too, they went to a island within this magnetic field and got this ship started which was actually an old ship turned into a museum or something. The current navy staff didn’t know how to operate this ship as it was like “world war” old ship and guess who came to their rescue? None other than US navy veterans who actually worked on the ship or this museum maintaining it or something. And then it was like old dog doing new tricks. The veterans and the other navy team kicked the aliens out with awesome group effort. Then all was fine and back to normal as we see in every other movie.

I am not writing a  review on the movie BTW. The movie was good no doubt but i was once again really inspired by the reality of our daily life shown so clearly in a fiction movie. We all are carrying a non-extinguishable spirit within us which no matter what wont go off.  It may waver a bit during the strong winds like natural calamities or terrorist attacks or some personal loss. But then it is driven by such a incalculable desire to fight back that we get back up with even greater will to survive. Nations fall from time to time due to many political or economic reasons but we the citizens of these nations get back to our normal life without even questioning anybody. It’s our life which has been our greatest teacher and truest case studies. We learn from others and our self. Decoding our life itself is toughest of the tasks but we do it effortlessly and patiently.

I am glad that i am witness to such a marvelous species and be one of them as well.  And as far as life is concern i guess you would agree ” we are high spirited for life”.


Solitude is not at all about attitude,

Its about reaching high altitudes,

Not only flying sky high,

But also how deep you dive,

It’s all about how unaware you’ve slept,

And without light how in darkness you’ve crept.



I prayed for solitude,

Now i walk alone;

I thrived on anger,

Evil I’ve become;

Love no longer is in touch,

Life doesn’t seem to mean much;

Don’t know what i missed or did wrong,

But i can’t bear it much long;

Tried and tried a lot,

So much that my destination i forgot;

This life might run its course & turn me mad,

I still think my journey is in my hand;

I might reach today, tomorrow or later,

But i will work towards the better;

At present it all seems like a mystery,

Sometimes this is how people make history;

Which way to go is a topic for debate,

Still I won’t leave everything on fate;

All of us have great potential,

Lets prove it! Live life large & turn it essential.

The Black Box Theory

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Sometimes, in our day to day life, we meet people who seem to be doing everything right but still suffer in every aspect of their life. On the other hand, we also meet people who have never ever done a single righteous thing in their entire life and they continue to enjoy their life & all the blessings are showered upon them. And when we ask our elders the reason for it, they just say “it’s their past life karma that’s effecting their life”

Now the late 20th century & 21st century youth doesn’t really understand this phenomenon and I myself was troubled by this until my deep thinking process led me to the answer. And I call it ”The Black Box Theory”. As we all know that whenever there is a mid-air crisis on a plane or a crash, the engineer access the “Black Box”, also known as FDR/ADR(Flight/Accident Data Recorder). Now this black box is something that stores each n every data from the moment a plane takes off and in case of a crash/trouble helps the experts find the reason for the same. Also, a black box can withstand a high velocity crash i.e it survives even when the plane doesn’t.

In the same way, our soul is the black box attached to our physical body and it stores each n every action of ours from the day we are born till the day we die. It survives even after we leave the physical world upon death and helps the Amighty decide our next course of action i.e either we should be allowed into heaven, sent downtown for punishment or pushed back to Earth for another trial run.

Unlike a hard drive, one cannot just format his/her entire life and begin afresh but you can always overwrite the existing data present in the black box aka Soul with Good & Selfless deeds. And hence, one day redeem our self of countless trials on earth and be one with the Almighty God. Think about it!

Incredible Life

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Lets go and learn to fly,

Maybe one day we will touch the sky,

Enough with the sadness and enough with the cries;

Don’t lose hope,Lets embark on a journey of endless tries;

What did you get for crying out loud,

About the miseries of your life and what its about,

Telling everyone that you are out of bounds,

Playing with yourself the game of lost and found;

Come with me and bring your dreams;

We’ll glide among the waves like a knife in cream;

Trust me as a friend and follow my steps;

As I’ve been there where you were left;

Leave your worries all behind;

And Lets re-engage on the journey called “Incredible Life”


Beautiful Faces

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I see beautiful faces everyday;

Some at night and some on sunny days;

They make me sigh and they make me sing;

It makes my day and it’s a sure thing;

Smiling with innocence and happy they seem;

All my hopes and joy they do redeem;

Summer or Winter they glow without being dim;

My helpless heart does nothing but grin;

There are days of bliss  and days of grey;

But they don’t let my bewildered heart stray;

They are present at every corner and nook;

All you got to do is to have a better look;

Watching them daily keeps my problem at bay;

That’s why i love to see beautiful faces everyday.


P.S: Dedicated to all the people throughout the world. Thank You!

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